Make Chocolate Chip Cookies with NC Sea Salt

Posted by Nicole Bogas on 6/19/2015 to Recipes
Make Chocolate Chip Cookies with NC Sea Salt

To celebrate our new North Carolina Sea Salt Trio available only from the Our State Store, we decided to whip up a batch of our favorite chocolate chip cookies and finished them with this beautifully flaky sea salt, harvested by hand from the Atlantic Ocean near Wrightsville Beach. 

With a high proportion of chocolate chips to batter, this dough rests in the fridge overnight giving the cookies complex flavor and perfect texture — crispy on the outside, soft in the middle.  With a good amount of salt in the batter, plus a sprinkle of North Carolina sea salt before they go in the oven, these cookies are totally worth the effort (and the calories!).  Find the recipe via The New York Times.

We chose the flaky Sea Love Sea Salt from our North Carolina Sea Salt Trio to add crunchy brininess to our cookies.  This special salt is harvested from the Atlantic Ocean by entrepreneur Amanda Jacobs. Jacobs carries five-gallon buckets of water to her Wrightsville Beach greenhouse, filters it, and then solar-evaporates it in glass pans.  Using this small batch approach, each pan produces just 10 ounces of salt.

Each of the 1.5-ounce jars in our Trio are hand-bottled, labeled, and tied with a seashell plucked from the beach by Jacobs herself.  Our trio of sea salts, featuring pure, rosemary, and cracked pepper flavors, is available only from the Our State Store and is packaged in a burlap gift sack, tied with a shell and ready for gifting or for adding to your own pantry.

Purchase the North Carolina Sea Salt Trio.

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Find the recipe for these chocolate chip cookies at The New York Times.