Hanging Pottery Hummingbird Feeder

Hanging Pottery Hummingbird Feeder

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This hanging hummingbird feeder, handmade in Lexington, offers an inviting spot for busy hummingbirds to feed. The vibrant brick-red glaze attracts hummingbirds, while the imprinted grain motif on the exterior adds a pretty handmade style to your garden. The removable tube is easy to clean and has a rubber stopper. An opening of 1" makes for easy pouring. 

This piece is handcrafted by Tommy Davis of Missions Pottery, who began creating pottery as a hobby and stress reliever. After taking classes, he was hooked. His work incorporates a variety of techniques, such as clay weaving and imprinting, and he specializes in functional, yet beautiful pieces that will work around your house. He currently works out of Lexington, North Carolina, where he runs his pottery studio.

Made in North Carolina.

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